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1. Before developing a formal contract, we communicate with our client thoroughly to understand its company culture, operating situation, prospect and organizational structure. We also introduce basic information about MPCS, including its background, operating procedure, service mode, characteristic and warranty, etc. If there is no dispute on the cooperation terms, a formal contract will be signed.

2. After signing a contract, the client is responsible for providing a detailed description of the position they need to fill.

3. In accordance with the client¡¯s requirement, we search our computer database and use other channels to make a preliminary selection of qualified talents.

4. Every preliminary candidate will be interviewed by MPCS consultants in order to identify his/her knowledge, abilities, personal character, work experience, etc. Necessary investigation will be conducted on the interviewee¡¯s professional history, past achievement, performance, etc. Based on the information we obtain we will offer our client the short list and detailed candidate reports.

5. During the search process, we will work closely with the client and exchange ideas promptly about the questions, problems and progress. We will also adjust the search scheme according to the client¡¯s feedback.

6. Our commitments:
  6-1 On establishing cooperation with the client, we would not hijack the client's employees in the future business.
  6-2 We promise three months' warranty for the employees recommended by MPCS. And, we will provide the next service free if an employee we recommended leaves within three months.
  6-3 The warranty for some high-rank positions (such as: GM or CEO) can be extended to six months.
  6-4 We track regularly the performance of the employees we recommended in order to improve our service in the future.
  6-5 Our service standard is to always do our best to fulfill our commitments.





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